The Mission -  Murk's mission is to influence and empower women of all ages to discover their God given power & purpose in the world. Her passion is to help them realize their identity and potential through music, mentorship, and teaching with a strong focus on biblical & spiritual principles. Murk and her team are committed to teaching women the true beauty and value of not only being a woman, but a beloved daughter of God.

The Message -  Each woman has a unique and specific purpose on the earth that is only discovered through a relationship with her creator. A woman is not a product of her environment, nor the opinions of the men around her, but a product of the relationship that she builds with Jesus Christ. Beauty is not a matter of the outward appearance but of the heart. Happiness and self fulfillment begins in the inner woman and if cultivated, will spread into every aspect of her life.

The Movement - The P31 movement encompasses positive hip hop music, literature, apparel,  theater, and preaching to captivate and connect women all over the world. This group of women will proudly represent and model the powerful character of the Proverbs 31 woman. Through this movement, God will build an army of P31s who courageously defy societal standards and boldly live out their own. They will know who they are, who they were born to be, and what they were called to do. They will live, love, and conquer life fiercely!